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Welcome to Acorns.

Mrs Darby, Miss Lilliman, Mrs Green,

Miss Childs and Mrs Jeszke

We love learning and exploring the different areas in our unit. We are always busy learning and having fun with our friends and teachers. We hope you will visit our page regularly to find out about the exciting things we have been doing and the special events and activities we have planned.

Here is an overview of what we will be learning in Acorns in 2017-18

Human Values


As part of our curriculum in EYFS we actively promote human values through, personal, social and emotional development. Added to this we also teach the children about respect, sharing, tolerance and caring for others. We do this is a number of ways and through various activities as well as our every day teaching. We promote this through looking at democracy, the rule of law, tolerance and Individual liberty and mutual respect.

2-Simple: Parent Share.

Online Learning Journeys.

Children's online learning journeys are opened for parental viewing every half term. We will send out emails to let you know when. Parents are invited to make contributions to their child's learning journey. Please tell us about any achievements and observations made at home. Just email us via Parent Share when viewing the learning journey, or tell us in school. Please ask if you need help accessing this information.


Online Learning Journeys.

Children's new online learning journeys have been opened up for parental viewing.We invite parents to comment on their child's learning journey and contribute to it. Let us know about your child's achievements, you can respond by email or tell us in person. Please ask if you need hel

Busy imaginations in our spooky forest, skeleton maths and firework dancing!

Pumpkin Patch visit and Autumn Fun

Volunteers from NottsSART taught us search and rescue techniques. We used maps and worked as a team.

We had a big adventure and so much fun. We had a GIANT sleepover in school. For some, it was our first time away!




Pet Day


We loved bringing our pets to school and talking to the rest of the class about them. We learnt lots about how to care for different animals and where they like to live. We saw some very creative animal houses in the bricks, a great pet shop that was busy all day and we even saw some of the pets do a little trick!

Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday

We enjoyed learning about the Queen and celebrated her 90th Birthday. We loved looking at a book about Buckingham Palace and looking at pictures of the queen on all her birthdays. We made crowns in the morning which we then wore to our afternoon tea. We decorated a cake to eat and had some tea in a real china cup. We were all very posh and lifted our pinkie as we drank!

Acorns are eco-warriors. We pulled up invasive species from the riverbank to allow native plants to thrive.

Catching, observing and identifying water creatures with our school governor, Mr Hobson, who works for the Environment Agency.

Splashing good fun at the River Maun. We caught loads of Bullheads and river creatures.

River Dipping.Catfish and Water Creatures. Making splashes with stones.The Great Peafield Duck Race!

Dinner Date


We invited in our family members to come and have lunch with us at school. We did this as part of our transition into Year one when we will eat our lunch in the big hall. It was great fun showing our family what we do at lunch time and even having a little play afterwards.

This half term We have been practicing our skills in PE. We have worked in small groups to travel round different activities to perfect skills such as throwing, kicking, skipping, running, football, basketball and much, much, more!

Yoga for Kids (or YODA to some!). Learning to control our breathing and our bodies.

We spent the day exploring the ruins of Bolsover Castle dressed as knights and princesses.

Some egg-cellent entries in our annual Decorate an Egg competition this Easter.

Acorns Blog

All children in Acorns will have completed their WeeMees by the beginning of March and will be ready to start blogging! Well done to those children who have already blogged. Information about how to blog from home is in your child's green reading packet. Please come and ask if this is new to you or you need help with this.



Look at our WeeMees: Let's do some blogging!

Education City.

Children can log in to Education City via the Children signpost on the home page of the website. Children have their own usernames and passwords (find these on the inside of the cover of their reading diaries). The site has loads of cracking games and activities directly linked to what they are learning at school. Try the F2 activities first and if you're feeling brave, have a go at the Y1 activities. Education City is now up and running for Acorns.

We love using tablets, i-pads and laptops for learning on Education City.

Working together with our families: Making Castles with turrets and a working drawbridge.

Science Week

In March we celebrated National Science Week. We took part in a range of different activities with a science focus. Each group spent 10 minutes investigating in each activity which included, floating and sinking, circuits, investigating the bounciest ball, gloop, separating materials and forces.

World Book Day


We celebrated world book day by coming to school dressed as our favourite character. Can you guess who we are?

We also enjoyed bringing our own books in from home to share with our friends. We were very lucky as one of our fabulous parents came to read a story to our class all about Emily Button and Mousey the mouse.

Bike-riding and scooter tricks and skills. Hurtling around on two, three and four wheelers.

Over the course of six weeks, we become proficient riders. Many of us can now ride without stabilisers.

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. We made bird food, built hides, and used binoculars and identification charts to find out the names of birds we had seen.

We have the best parents, always supportive, joining in and helping out.

We are writers! Exciting events stimulate us to write.

A dragon came to school!

Still image for this video
We thought of questions to ask to add to our Wonder wall of interesting questions...Where has the dragon gone? Where did it come from? Why did it visit our classroom?

We are always busy in Acorns.

A very special visitor, Santa Claus, stopped by at out Christmas Party and brought us lovely presents. We played 'Flap the Snowman' and Musical Chairs.

Making, baking and decorating miniature Christmas Cakes. We did some weighing, sieving, pouring, mixing, stirring, scooping, spreading, rolling, icing and decorating.

Outdoors having fun, come RAIN or shine! Splashing in the puddles, brushing the mud and building shelters.

Everyone loves a cardboard box!

Special Family Days: Stickman and Mrs Ladylove. Art and crafts for all, toasted marshmallows on the fire pit, hot chocolate, sharing books in the outdoor classroom and building dens. We had loads of fun with our families. Mmmmm, I wonder who had the most fun?!

Guy Fawkes, Bonfires, Party Food (leaf kebabs, twig hotdogs) Firework Safety and "Penny for the Guy" role play.

Look at our sock puppets. We had fun making up stories and putting on shows.

We made some amazing patterns and colours in our Tie and Dye science investigation. We tried everything from blueberries, beetroot, blackberries and lettuce to brown sauce, Tumeric, Skittles and food colouring. Can you work out what we used to dye our pieces of cloth? Have a guess.

Carving pumpkins and pulling out the slimey, gooey flesh is always popular in Acorns. We count out and dry the seeds ready for planting in the allotment next year. We do our work by the light of the pumpkin lanterns. We chop up pumpkin flesh, roast it in the school ovens and make soup. Some of us have second helpings!

Casting spells and stirring potions in cauldrons. Singing and role playing "Five Little Witches....."

On our visit to the Chesterfield Canal we cruised on Eckington School's narrowboat, Madeline, between Staveley and Hollingwood Hub. Children helped operate the locks and had a go at steering the boat at the helm. Bob, Ivor and Trevor from Chesterfield Canal Trust were our skippers for the day.

Aye Aye Captain! At the helm of the narrowboat, Madeline, on the Chesterfield Canal at Hollingwood Hub.

Catching and identifying water creatures in the Chesterfield Canal. Looking carefully and handling gently.Mayfly nymphs and stonefly nymphs all indicate the water is pollution free.

Narrowboating on the Chesterfield Canal.

Still image for this video

Pastel portraits and Watercolours. Mastering the skills.

Our School Allotment. It's an amazing place to be no matter what the season.

Allotment gardening: Digging, weeding, composting, wheelbarrowing, potato picking, blackberrying, raking, watering, harvesting, sowing and planting.

Eggs! We found eggs in the nesting box when we visited our chickens in the quad.

Autumn Days. Who's been eating blackberries?!

Blackberrying on our Autumn Walks! And searching for all types of flower, shrub and tree seeds.

Exploring, discovering, sharing, playing and making new friends. Our first few weeks in Acorns.

Look at us enjoying our first school dinner in Acorns. We have good manners and use our knives and forks correctly.

Summer Days. We love to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine, feeling the warm breeze on our faces.

July 2015. Exploring the River Maun with our school governor, Mr Hobson, who works for the Environment Agency. We did some river dipping and discovered that the Maun is pollution free (we found Stonefly nymphs and Mayfly nymphs). We also pulled up loads of pink-flowered Himalayan Balsam which stops British flora from thriving along the riverbank. We had a relaxing hour painting scenery with watercolours

NSART: We had to help find Adam's lost toys! Nottinghamshire Search and Rescue Team taught us lowland search and rescue techniques. Adam, one of our old Acorns, came and instructed with his Mum, Mrs Scott, and volunteers from NSART.

Fun in the Sun. Shorts and Shades and Water Play.

Look back with pride and forward with confidence