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At Peafield Lane Academy we are working hard to achieve attendance levels which are up to the standards set by with government guidelines.  From September 2013 'holidays' in term time are no longer authorised absences and we ask our families to endeavour to keep their children at school whenever possible.  If you choose to take your child out of education for a holiday please fill in a form which is available at main reception and give us at least 4 weeks notice.  Kindly note that unauthorised absences may lead to a fixed penalty fine being issued.   If, however, you do need to take your child out of education due to exceptional circumstances, please come in and talk to us and we will endeavor to support you.


If your child is ill then please inform us as soon as possible on the first day either by ringing the school on 01623 460366, texting us on 07786 208896 or popping into main reception.  This will enable us to code your child's absence correctly.


The school day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm please encourage your child/ren to be punctual to enable lessons to start promptly.  Morning nursery sessions are 8.40am - 11.40am and afternoon nursery sessions are 12.20pm - 3.20pm.


Our attendance (at 12th November 2019) is 96.19%


Total authorised absences  are 2.89%

Total unauthorised absences are 0.91%

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