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Welcome to Dukeries!

Having had the time to settle after our very busy summer holidays, we're looking forward to cracking on with some really interesting work!

Ours maths work, is focusing on place value and calculations, particularly the use of written methods in all four operations, and to include decimals with up to three decimal places. We are looking at making sure we are all confident when using number and will provide opportunities to explore calculation with some 'mastery' activities.

Following on from a brief look at Alice in Wonderland (focusing on description and figurative language), our overall topic will be Slavery and Black History. We are learning about the significant people involved in the fight for equality, including Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jnr and how they have impacted the world we live in today. We will look at, and try to understand, how slaves felt and will be performing role play as-well-as looking at emotion in art to try and portray our thoughts. We will also try to bring slavery into modern day situations and see whether or not it is still happening today. As part of our learning about multi-cultural society, we will be exploring the local area of Mansfield Woodhouse to look for evidence of different cultures and backgrounds within our community.

Finally, in Science, electricity and circuits is our topic. We will explore voltage in more detail and will try to work out the effect of changing components within a circuit. 


Reading stars

Like all classes, we ask the children to read 3 times a week (as part of their homework) in order to gain a reading star. Please note that a parental signature is required as evidence of their reading!! As a reward for reading each week of the term, the children will have a treat ranging from a DVD afternoon to an afternoon on the skate park (whatever they decide!)


We currently have our PE sessions on a Wednesday afternoon (outdoor session) and a Monday morning (indoor session). We ask all our children to come prepared for each session with their school PE kit (white polo shirt and black shorts for indoor and warm clothing for the outdoor session). We are currently focusing on introducing our summer sports in the form of athletics and cricket (with an emphasis on basic skills of developing throwing and catching techniques). We will also begin to explore possible tactics within these sports and how, when and why to implement them.


Homework is set on a weekly basis. It will mainly be set via Education City whereby the activities are specifically targeted to meet the needs of the children. Homework may also be set as a written task or a comprehension style activity. If children wish, they can attend the 'homework club' which is held in our classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday lunch times.

We also ask that the children continue to learn their times tables as knowing these 'of by heart' will massively improve their maths work.

Look back with pride and forward with confidence