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Welcome to Harlow!
The children have continued to work hard as we now enter the Summer term. The year 5s keep impressing with the work they have been doing over the year and the year 6s are ready to tackle the SATs tests.

Our class will be focussing on a Rio Olympics topic where they will look at the Geography and History of the Olympics games. The children will have a chance to work in groups and present their projects in a form they choose and deliver it to the rest of the class.


In English we are going to revisit many different genres of writing to show how much progress they have made and look to set further targets to progress even further. The children will have many smaller topics in English to suit the genre of writing they will be looking at.

In maths, we will be doing more problem based work so the children can apply their knowledge learned so far. We will also be doing some maths investigations which look to combine many of the skills and expertise they have developed. so far over the school year.


The trip to London will be an amazing chance for the children to plan, prepare and work on their entrepreneurial skills to develop and run their own business. This will allow them to use many skills they have picked up in maths and English in a real life context.

Reading stars

Like all classes, we ask the children to read 3 times a week (as part of their homework) in order to gain a reading star. Please note that a parental signature is required as evidence of their reading!! As a reward for reading each week of the term, the children will have a treat ranging from a DVD afternoon to an afternoon on the skate park. (whatever they decide!)

We currently have our PE sessions on a Wednesday afternoon (outdoor session) and a Monday afternoon (indoor session). We ask all our children to come prepared for each session with their school PE kit (white polo shirt and black shorts for indoor and warm clothing for the outdoor session). We are currently focusing on basketball, athletics and rounders.

Homework is generally set on a weekly basis. It will mainly be set via Education City whereby the activities are specifically targeted to meet the needs of the children. The children will also have weekly spellings to take home. Homework also comes in the form of a research project. The children chose their own focus topic and work on it throughout the half term. If children wish, they can attend the 'homework club' which is held in our classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday lunch times. I have been blown away by the quality of the research projects that have been completed already this year.


Look back with pride and forward with confidence