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Welcome to Newlands Class


Ms Hunton and Miss Dawson

Space – the Spring term frontier! 


This half term we are looking out, beyond the clouds and into the skies above. Our space topic links many subjects as we seek to answer the question, “How far can we go?” 


The sciences (maths , science, computing, design technology)  


In Science children will explore the wider contexts of space to begin to understand the scale of it. They will research the findings of Copernicus and Galileo to compare changing ideas of the solar system throughout history.  


They will research rockets in our D&T lessons in order to use their own design criteria to produce their own model rocket. This will culminate in a school competition to see which rockets will fly the highest! Children will create a step by step document on how to make it, including modifications and improvements they made. 


Computing will be taught discretely this half term as children will learn to code and write their own programs. 



The humanities (history, geography, RE, citizenship) 


We will delve into the Space Race of the 1950s and 60s in our history lessons. Children will explore the key people involved in the race. They will explore journalistic writing and use their science and history knowledge to support their writing based on the moon landing. An explanation text around night and day will also be generated. We will visit conspiracy theories and learn how to use evidence to back up our arguments as part of our citizenship work.  


Our RE work will follow the Nottinghamshire syllabus and focus on Symbols and Religious Expression. We will consider how people of various faiths and world views express their religious and spiritual ideas on pilgrimages. 


Movement and the arts (art, music, dance, PE) 


In music children will listen to the piece ‘The Planets’ by Gustav Holst. Recapping on their musical vocabulary, they will evaluate the piece of music. They will compare the contrasts in style as the piece moves on to each new planet. This links nicely with our art lessons as children look at the work of Peter Thorpe and consider the techniques used to create art based on Space and the Planets. Children will be encouraged to use his ideas to recreate and influence their own work and choose the appropriate media to achieve their work. 


In PE, the main focus will be on basketball as we consider team sports. Children They will recap their skills of dribbling and passing and focus on the evaluating to support each other. They will then explore the different tactics used to defend and attack and evaluate their effectiveness 

Look back with pride and forward with confidence