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Spring Term News

Academy Conversion


As of today, March 1st, we became Peafield Lane Academy. Although the conversion process was supposed to have been completed by 1st January we got caught up in some complicated land transfer issues – primarily because some parts of the site were owned by two different organisations; imagine buying a house where one person owns the living room and another owns everything else. Because the process was unusually drawn out and because we have never been sure, right up to the last minute, precisely when all the documentation would be signed we haven’t been able to have a grand opening ceremony, and celebration, etc. Indeed, we’ve converted into an academy quietly and without fanfare.


We would like to celebrate the opening of Peafield Lane Academy and so we will have a summer event later in the year where we can have everyone involved.


Miss Norwood


Miss Norwood is getting married at Easter. We are all very excited and delighted for her. Unfortunately for us, her husband to be lives and works in Northampton and she will be moving house and jobs at that time too. We have tried to convince her of the benefits of a long distance relationship but to no avail! She will be, without doubt, a huge loss to the school. Whilst many of you know her as an excellent class teacher, she is also a key driver on improving the standards of teaching and learning throughout the rest of the school as well as being a special needs co-ordinator and a strong voice on the senior leadership team. As such, her boots will be difficult to fill and we will take our time to appoint the right person to be suitable replacement.


Despite our disappointment at losing a member of staff who has such a terrific impact in the school, we are genuinely delighted for Miss Norwood. On behalf of everybody at school I would like to congratulate her on her forthcoming marriage, thank her for everything she has done for the pupils of the school and wish her every success and happiness in the future.


Web site


You may have noticed that we have a new website that us up and running with various new features, including a blog section for staff and pupils, a direct link to Education City and a live feed to our Twitter account. Because the site is designed in such a way that makes it easier for staff members to log in and update, we should be able to ensure letters and diary dates, etc. are more regularly posted. The aim is for the website to be the first point of call for information. With that in mind it is important that the site is easy to use and simple to navigate. Please, please – if you have any comments or ideas for things you would like to see on there or suggestions on how we might improve any aspect of it let us know; Our parents and children are the primary users and so we need to know that it works for you.





We have been in negotiations with the uniform suppliers who have now added a much greater range to their stock. Available now are:


  • Jumper,
  • Cardigan
  • Fleeces
  • Tie
  • Book Bag


Also we have added


  • reversible, waterproof coat
  • PE kit back (complete with shorts and T Shirt)
  • school satchel bag.


Soon to be added


  • Short sleeve shirt bearing the school logo (optional for hot summer days when we don’t wear ties)
  • Pinafore
  • Gingham Dress


The school uniform policy has not changed. The only item that must bear the school logo is the jumper/cardigan. All other items can be bought at local supermarkets or in town very cheaply.


As just mentioned we are looking at introducing a short sleeved shirt bearing the school logo that children can wear without a tie during the summer months.


The school uniform has always included black or grey tailored shorts. We noticed that last year some of the older girls began wearing shorts over black tights. This is an acceptable although we would ask that shorts are of a length appropriate for a child of 10 or 11 and certainly not the figure hugging mini-shorts that we occasionally saw. Please use your own discretion and common sense.


Parents Evenings


These will follow the traditional 1:1 meetings with the class teacher and will take place on the Monday and Wednesday of the week beginning 24th March. Please complete the form attached to this letter to indicate which evening you would prefer and we will allocate a time.


Parent Toddler group


This group continues to meet up each Monday morning from 9am – 11am. If you have a young child who is not attending school yet then this is an excellent opportunity for them to come and play with others. You do not need to pre-book; just turn up and bring £1 for drinks and a snack.

Look back with pride and forward with confidence