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Meet Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mr C Heathcote

Headteacher and Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mr C Nightingale

Acting Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead and Year 5/6 Phase Lead


Mrs J Cornell

Foundation Stage Lead


Mrs J Jones

Year 1/2 Phase Lead


Mr A Dallison

Year 3/4 Phase Lead


Miss L Childs

SENDCO, Designated Safeguarding Lead & Inclusion Team Lead


Miss M Rowbotham

Curriculum Lead

Office Team

Mrs K Ryder

School Office Manager


Miss L Smith

Receptionist - If you have any queries, Miss Smith is the person who will answer the phone and direct you to the correct member of staff.


Miss C Reynolds

Finance Assistant

Teaching Staff

Nursery (Foundation Stage 1)
(Age 3-4)

Mrs K Darby

Nursery Teacher

Assistant SENDCO/ Attendance Officer


Miss B Walters

Teaching Assistant (Maternity Leave)


Miss F Kerry

Teaching Assistant


Mrs L Rodgers

Teaching Assistant

Reception (Foundation Stage 2)
(Age 4-5)

Mrs J Cornell

Class Teacher - Acorns B

Mrs Cornell is our Foundation Stage Leader. She is the best person to speak to about starting school and anything to do with learning in the Early Years.



Miss C Bodonyi

Class Teacher - Acorns A

DT Lead


Miss V Lilliman

Teaching Assistant


Mrs S Jeske

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Sills

Teaching Assistant

Infants - Key Stage 1
(Age 5 - 7)

Mrs J Jones

Class Teacher - Rufford

Mrs Jones is our Year 1/2 Phase Lead. She is the best person to speak to about learning in Years 1 and 2.

Teaching & Learning Lead/ Art Lead


Mrs D Debic

Class Teacher - Sherwood

English Lead/ Drama & Debate Lead/ School Council Lead/ Trust Champion


Miss A Burke

Class Teacher - Clumber (Mon-Weds)

Computing Lead


Mrs C Dowsing

Class Teacher - Clumber (Weds- Fri)

Music Lead


Mrs J Hymas

Teaching Assistant - KS1


Miss D Moody

Teaching Assistant KS1


Mrs R Cash

Teaching Assistant - KS1


Mrs P Darby

Teaching Assistant KS1

Lower Juniors - Lower Key Stage 2
(Age 7-9)

Mr A Dallison

Class Teacher - Thoresby

Mr Dallison is our Lower Key Stage 2 Lead. He is the best person to speak to about learning in Years 3 and 4.

Maths Lead/ Pupil Premium Lead


Miss N Trolley

Class Teacher - Welbeck

Geography Lead/ Pupil Parliament Lead


Miss A Fairlee

Class Teacher - Birklands


Mrs K Kirk

Teaching Assistant - Year 3/4


Mrs A Taylor

Teaching Assistant - Year 3/4

Upper juniors - Upper Key Stage 2
(Age 9 - 11)

Mr C Nightingale

Class Teacher - Dukeries

Mr Nightingale is our Year 5/6 Phase Leader. He is the best person to speak to about learning in Years 5 and 6.

RE Lead/ PSHE Lead/ Behaviour Lead/ Teaching Assistant Lead/ Assessment Lead/ EVC


Mr J Annable

Class Teacher - Harlow

PE Lead


Miss M Rowbotham

Class Teacher - Newlands

Curriculum Lead/ British Values & SMSC Lead/ Science Lead/ Languages Lead


Mrs L Green

Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6

Miss K Pickup

Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs E Kelly

Lead Midday Supervisor


Mrs C Ward

Midday Supervisor


Mrs N Woodward

Midday Supervisor


Mrs T Wilkinson

Midday Supervisor


Miss A Poxon

Midday Supervisor


Miss K Howard

Midday Supervisor


Mrs S Wilson

Midday Supervisor


Miss K Williams

Midday Supervisor


Mrs J Toon

Midday Supervisor


Mrs Z Smyth

Midday Supervisor

Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Moncaster (Notts CC)

School Cook


Mrs Z Smyth (Notts CC)

Kitchen Staff


Miss S Gregory (Notts CC)

Kitchen Staff

Premises Staff

Mr R Green

Site Manager


Mrs J Green (Notts CC)



Mrs C Ward



Miss K Williams (Notts CC)