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Peafield Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is:

Vocabulary Rich

Our curriculum reflects the Flying High Partnership’s intent of promoting well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the next stage of their journey. A curriculum based on citizenship, integrity and a pursuit of excellence in order for our children to thrive in the next stages of their journey. A journey in which they can look forward with confidence and backwards with pride. Below you will find our curriculum vision and curriculum model graphic

Our curriculum is taught through enquiries, all of which are supported in a rich environment filled with high quality literature and opportunities for children to take their learning far beyond the scope of the classroom. Each topic provides opportunities for children to take their learning in their own direction, to dig deeper or explore further – going beyond the constraints of the classroom and timetable.

A flow chart showing our enquiry and curriculum design process is shown below:

Wherever we can, we use real world opportunities for meaningful outcomes. 

Example: A science project in upper juniors on the heart was combined with our art lessons and literacy work to produce informative posters, professionally printed and displayed in the cardiology department at two hospitals in the East midlands; not as a display of children’s work, but as their official health guidance posters for patients and members of the public.

Wherever possible, we form links between subject areas in a theme but this is never forced; sometimes it makes sense to teach a subject separately until clear links can be made.


Children are actively encourage and rewarded for taking their learning beyond the classroom.  At the start and end of each topic, teachers share thoughts and ideas with children on those aspects that we have not covered but which may interest them further. Opportunities for self-study, for 'digging deeper' and for 'going beyond' are embedded on our practice.

Vocabulary Rich

Each topic introduced during our lessons extends and expands our children's vocabulary. Teachers are proactive in introducing new words and phrases and giving children opportunities to express themselves orally and through their writing.


Whilst our children benefit from hearing and learning about a wide range of topics and themes covering an extraordinarily broad curriculum, nothing quite matches doing stuff! This is why our curriculum is packed with experiences such nighttime sleepovers, catching steam trains, climbing mountains and starring in movies. 


Many of the topics and themes that our children study link to real-life concepts. Our information leaflets in Y3/4 were used for tourists at the Chesterfield Canal, our 'Healthy Heart' posters were commissioned by the local hospital and our Y5/6 topic on democracy included working with our local MP. Teachers work hard to frame our topics around our children's interests, the local community and the wealth of people who live and work alongside us.

We are incredibly lucky, as an Academy, to be able to develop and create a curriculum that is bespoke to the needs of each of our children whilst, at the same time, being able to take the very best bits from the National Curriculum that is statutory for maintained Schools.

It is our duty, through our curriculum, to ensure our children are ready to flourish at secondary school and have the capacity to be successful in what will be their 'modern Britain'. For this to happen they must reach acceptable standards of literacy and numeracy. They must have a keen sense of what it is to be 'British' in a Britain that celebrates the differences we all have in our life choices, relationships and, indeed, opinions.

Our curriculum is divided into 4 key strands: 'Communication and Language', 'The Sciences', 'Humanities', and also 'Movement and the Arts'.

Visit the "What We Are Learning" page for a quick overview of what children are learning about each half term.

For more detailed plans, take a look at the "Curriculum Plans" page.

Miss M Rowbotham is our curriculum lead and she is the best person to speak to if you have any questions regarding our school curriculum. You can contact her at: [email protected].

Below is the Peafield Lane Lesson Matrix which outlines our approach to lesson design and how we aim to deliver our lessons.

The lesson design is underpinned by research ensuring that learning is maximised at every opportunity

Communication And Language



Speaking & Listening

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation & Phonics

C&L Team Leader = Mrs J Cornell

The Sciences



Design Technology

Computing and IT

Sciences Team Leader = Mr A Dallison






Humanities Team Leader = Mr C Nightingale

Movement & The Arts




Physical Education

Movement & Arts Team Leader = Mrs J Jones