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Productions and Performances

Peafield Lane Academy has a long tradition of inviting our friends to come and see live performances of all kinds and sizes.

These range from class 'open' days for parents and families to come and see the work that has been taking place right through to large productions of shows such as 'The Greatest Showman', 'Bugsy Malone' and many more. We even take our shows outside of school with singing performances in the regional hospital, dance showcases with our partner schools in Nottingham and many more.

Since the Covid outbreak in 2020, our pupils and staff have been making movies that we have shared all over the world.

Take a look at some of our favourites below.

Dance For Me!

Two weeks into the first national school closure in March 2020 we felt our pupils needed a bit of a lift. Staff members from all over the school took them selves far out of their comfort zone to produce this dance video to let our children know we were thinking of them. The video became the hook for engagement with our early remote learning activities. 

The Dance Off

Not to be outdone, our infants responded with a dance video of their own. As part of their remote PE activities, they were asked to show their fitness regimes and dance skills. We took their clips and blended them into this little masterpiece. There is still much debate on whose dance video is the best: staff or children? You decide!

Y6 Invitation to Return 

At the end of summer 2020 our year 6 children were worried that they would not see their friends before they left and so we sent out this plea for everyone to come back - We needed them here. The invite was for them to come back to school, to collect their traditional 'hoodies' and participate in the annual Y6 v Teachers rounders match. Every child returned.

Ready for Re-opening

This video was released one week before Schools were set to re-open in September 2020. We needed our children and our families to feel safe; to feel welcomed. To know that we were still the same 'family' that they knew (with a couple of additions) and that we were desperate to see them again.  Every child in the school returned.

KS1 Nativity 2020

Whilst all year groups made their own videos and CDs to share with families at Christmas 2020, this one was something special, demonstrating the determination, resilience, and 'never give up' attitude that is at the heart of our school. Just one week before the end of term our KS1 bubble had to isolate and close. This would be the week that included "Christmas Jumper Fundraising day", School Christmas Dinner' and rehearsals for the Infant Nativity.

Children returned for the final few days to discover Christmas jumper day had merely been postponed, that the catering team and lunchtime staff had secretly arranged for a second Christmas Dinner and, with the marvels of green-screen technology, a can-do attitude and an iPhone, Christmas was NOT cancelled!

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