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Residential Trips

Residential visits are an integral part of the school curriculum. We believe that they are so important in character building and developing resilience and self confidence. We have overnight visits for every year group from Reception class through to Y6.

Whilst taking part in a visit is optional, we actively encourage children and families to attend as many as they can. There is an expectation that every child has attended at least one residential trip by the time they leave us at the end of Y6.

Reception Class

Overnight stay in school.

Bring your teddies, and sleeping bags, we will provide the entertainment, hot chocolate, night time games, stories and activities and a safe place to snuggle down close to friends.

Parents and carers are invited to join us for breakfast at the end of the most exciting 24 hours in school.

Years 1 and 2

Hathersage - in February!

Sometimes it snows and that's OK. Our children amaze themselves and their parents with what they can do at such a young age. We provide all of the specialised equipment, rucksacks, walking boots, Waterproof coats...Just bring yourself (and your teddy).

Stay away from home overnight - Yes you can; we'll look after you!

Learn to make your own bed - Yes you can, we'll show you!

Catch a train and walk back over the Derbyshire mountains - Yes you can; your friends will share the load!

Come back again next year to teach the Y1 children - Yes you can; you're developing leadership skills!

Years 3 and 4

Sherwood Forest... on foot!

There aren't many schools fortunate enough to be situated next to the most famous forest in the world, so, we take full advantage.

We set off, in small groups, from the classroom, with our backpacks, our lunch and a map. Children walk along the river Maun, through the local countryside and head deep into Sherwood Forest. 

We build dens, play woodland games, walk, crawl and sneak through the different forest faunas and learn all about the history of our local area.

A three day stay at the Youth Hosted that sits next to the Major Oakand a greater appreciation of the wonderful area in which we live is the reward for our intrepid local explorers!