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Peafield Curriculum

We are incredibly lucky, as an Academy, to be able to develop and create a curriculum that is bespoke to the needs of each of our children whilst, at the same time, being able to take the very best bits from the new National Curriculum that is statutory for LA maintained Schools.


It is our duty, through our curriculum, to ensure our children are ready to flourish at secondary school and have the capacity to be successful in what will be their 'modern Britain'. For this to happen they must reach acceptable standards of literacy and numeracy. They must have a keen sense of what it is to be 'British' in a Britain that celebrates the differences we all have in our life choices, relationships and, indeed, opinions.


Below are the curriculum 'Maps' that show the key topics covered by our children as they go through school. Soon to be added are the skills ladders which we use to ensure each child makes the progress they deserve, through the acquisition of key skills, knowledge and understanding. 


If you wish to find out more about our curriculum then please contact the school office where we can direct you to the right person to speak to. Currently our curriculum co-ordinatores are:


English - Kelly Darby

Maths - Tom Daniel

Science - Debs Hunton

IT and Computing - Amber Burke

Modern Foreign Languages - Katie Kier

PE - Corey Nightingale

RE & Citizenship- Liljana Jones & Jane McDonald

Design Technology - Tom Daniel

Geography - Michelle Martin

History - Jess Allison

Art & Music - Sarah Shaw

Reading and Phonics


The overriding reading scheme used it the school is the Oxford Reading Tree although this is greatly enhanced by banded (books arranged in colour bands according to difficulty) popular reading books. 


The school actively supports the theory that teaching early phonics is crucial in providing a bank of knowledge that children use in their reading and writing. The scheme we use is Floppies Phonics which is a supporting subsidiary of the Oxford Reading Tree used in the school.


Since adopting and strictly adhering to the phonics scheme a couple of years ago, the percentage of our children reaching age appropriate levels of understanding during the Y1 phonics screening check has increased dramatically.

Curriculum Maps


Often our parents will ask "what are the children learning about?" Sometimes so that they can directly support their child at home with some aspect of their learning and also so that they can use their knowledge about what is happening at school as a topic of conversation at home.


If you want to know how to help your child with a specific aspect of their learning then you can pop into school (or telephone 01623 460366) and speak to your child's teacher who can discuss any area with you.


Below we show our long term planning grids which show the different topics and themes each phase group study throughout the year.

Look back with pride and forward with confidence