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       Welcome to Rufford Class!


       Miss Allison and Mrs Donson


Children will spend the half term preparing for a Royal Banquet. Parents and honoured guests will be invited to sample food designed and made by the children and to share in the art work and other learning that has taken place.


This will be a wide-reaching topic that incorporates many subjects across the sciences

, humanities and arts.


The Humanities


Children will study differences between a historical Monarchy and modern democracy. In History they will be introduced to Emiline Pankhurst which will lead onto our citizenship element deciding and debating what is the fairest system of agreeing who should decide which food should be served at the end of term ‘Royal Banquet.’ (class teacher chooses everything or children vote for their favourites?)


Geography work will introduce children to map work as they identify the places they see different plants and flowers in the local area. They will also build upon the work they did before Christmas and learn about capital cities as well as comparing some different human habitats ranging from small villages to megacities, which they can explore on google earth.


RE will be taught discretely and will focus on the Christian festival of Easter. We will use a letter written by one of our pupils last year to consider how our own celebrations can be more environmentally friendly than they have been in the past.


The Sciences


In Science the children are looking at Plants, particularly the main parts of a plant and what they do. With this in mind they will design and carry out experiments on the most effective ways to grow cress and/or lettuce (which will ultimately be used as potential sandwich ingredients at the banquet). Also, they will learn to name and recognise common types of plants and flowers that grow in and around the school and Peafield Park. Our design and food technology work will focus on designing and making food for our banquet including following instructions for cake making. 



The Arts


Flowers will form the theme and context for art lessons which will compare the contrasting styles of two famous artists. Children will learn to mix primary colours and to lighten and darken colours to help them create their own accurate representations of the local plants and flowers studied in our science topic. Children will create their own versions of the ‘Pickle Pudding’ song which will be accompanied by their own music that they create – all to be performed at the Royal Banquet.


PE will focus on Dance with children learning to take part in a formal ball dance in pairs which they will perform at the Royal Banquet.

Look back with pride and forward with confidence