What We Are Learning

What We Are Learning About Right Now!
Each half term we share our learning overviews with children and with parents. Whilst the detailed planning can be found here, we also like to share the 'story' of what is taking place.
Please take the time to read them and use them to talk to your children about their learning. 
If anyone is interested in finding out more about any of our topics or themes, or exploring further (whether or not that is your child or even yourself) please come back to us and we will point you in the direction of further research.
Learning should be life-long, life-wide and for everyone.
Half Term 1 - Autumn 2020
Half Term 3 - Spring 2021
Half Term 5 - Summer 2021
Half term 2 - Autumn 2020
Half Term 4 - Spring 2021
Half Term 6 - Summer 2021
To be Announced!