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Welcome to Welbeck Class


Miss Brown and Mrs Kirk

Children will spend this half term exploring and finding out all about the local area. This will be a wide-reaching topic that includes work from the humanities, arts and sciences as we explore the many answers to the question, “Where are we and to where are we going?”


The Humanities (History, Geography, RE, Citizenship)


Children will look at the history of Mansfield Woodhouse and the surrounding area, from it’s origins as a Roman settlement, through its development over the years including the impact of the opening and closing of the local colliery. We will also visit the legend of Robin Hood as we attempt to find the truth behind the myth. Our geography work will take us out and about as we use detailed maps to explore the local area including planning the route through Sherwood Forest that we will be walking next term. We will explore historical maps to consider the area’s development over time.


As we prepare for Easter, we will learn about how various faiths and world views consider the journey of life and death in our RE lessons.


The Sciences (maths, science, Design & food technology, computing)


Continuing with the theme of the local area, our science work will focus on living things and their habitats. Children will study classification and, through local field work, will learn how all living things can be arranged into specific groups. Children will also look at how environmental changes can sometimes pose dangers to living things.


Design and food technology work will build upon previous learning experiences as children design, make and modify their own original recipes for savoury pancakes. They will learn how to make their own batter mix and then add different fillings ready to create the ‘Peafield Pancake Cook Book’ (to be on sale at all good book shops!)


Computing will be taught as a discrete subject this term as children will take a crash course in coding.


The Arts and movement (art, music, dance, PE)


Our geography, science and DT work lend themselves perfectly to our art work which will focus on photography. Children will study the work of Ansel Adams, Clive Nichols and Aimee Twigger and apply the techniques they learn to the respective disciplines of landscape, botanical and food photography. This will lead to an exhibition event to which parents and other guests will be invited to enjoy pupils art work and, hopefully, share in some of their culinary creations!  


In music children will continue with their weekly ukulele lessons in which they will begin to develop their own compositions and learn the basics of musical notation. Swimming lessons will take place for year 4 children this term. Our focus for PE looks at bat and ball games.



Half term 4: feb 23 - March 3 2020

Look back with pride and forward with confidence