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Applying for a school place

Admissions to the school are processed by the Local Authority as part of the Nottinghamshire Coordinated Admissions SchemeYou will find guidance about application dates and access to online application forms for primary school places on the link above. Applications can also be made via post or over the phone.   

The Published Admissions Number (PAN) for our school is 45 pupils

Admissions for 2024/2025

For admissions in September 2024

  • The application round opens on 6th November 2023 and closes on 15th January 2024
  • The offer date for the September 2024 intake is 16th April 2024 (National Offer Day)

Admissions arrangements and over subscription criteria

  • Admission arrangements policy 2023/24 (See below)
  • Map/links to catchment area (see below)
  • School Admissions Code 2021
  • Summer Born Children (see the admissions policy for information regarding this criteria)

Admissions for 2022/23

  • If you would like to make an in-year admission to move or change schools, please contact the Local Authority at any point in the year on the link above.

Admissions arrangements and over subscription criteria

  • Admission arrangements policy 2023/2024 (see below)


If your child has been refused a place and you would like to appeal against the decision, please see below further information on making an appeal.

In-year admissions only 

  • If your appeal relates to an in-year admission you should submit your appeal within 28 days of being told that your application was unsuccessful.   

2023/24 application round

  • If your appeal is for a child transferring to a junior school or starting an infant or primary school in September 2023 and you are told of the decision on 17th April 2023 (National Offer Day) you should submit your appeal by 17th May 2023. 
  • If you are told of an infant, junior or primary decision after 17th April 2023 or it relates to an in-year admission you should submit your appeal within 28 days of being told that your application was unsuccessful. 

How to appeal

  • Your appeal, once submitted will be forwarded to an Independent Clerk and a date will be agreed for the hearing to take place within the mandatory guidelines. Your appeal should be sent to [email protected] using the form below and you will receive acknowledgement that the appeal has been received, update on the situation and contact details for the appeals clerk who will manage your appeal and keep you informed of progress, date and outcomes. Appeals will be held in line with the DfE’s School Admission Appeals Code (October 2022)

Appeals Timetable 2023/24:

National offer day – 17 April. Appeals to be made within 28 days and all appeals will be heard within 40 days during June and July.

Appeal Form – see separate document at the bottom of this page.

School Appeal Code 2022

Admissions Policies for Peafield Lane Academy and DfE Admissions Code

Apply for a school place using the link below

Link to Notts County Council Website - Apply for a School Place

Use the link below to check your catchment area schools

Link to Notts County Council Website - Find My Catchment School

NCC Admissions Guide for 2023/2024

NCC Admissions Guide for Parents