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Curriculum Plans

How we organise the Curriculum
(EYFS - Year 6)

Because we organise our classes into mixed year groups (1-2, 3-4 and 5-6), we cover the national curriculum in 2 year cycles. This ensures all pupils have access to the full curriculum during their time in school. We follow an enquiry approach where subject drivers will lead the enquiry and are supplemented by enhancer subjects.

We have created Long Term Plans which cover the content and knowledge taught starting in EYFS. We strongly believe that the Early Years Curriculum is an essential part of the Whole School Curriculum and we have therefore ensured it is incorporated into the whole learning journey instead of it being treated as a separate entity.

In Foundation stage, we follow the new Early Years Framework, incorporating our own ideas and values as well as adapting where necessary to meet the needs of our own pupils.

Almost subjects can easily be taught in mixed age classes. Maths follows a similar approach whereby key mathematical concepts are taught in conjunction (e.g. Year 5 rounding will be taught alongside Year 6 rounding). However, if concepts do not align, they will be taught as separate year groups.

Below are the Long Term Curriculum Enquiries for all year groups from EYFS - 6.  We alternate from one subject cycle to the next on an annual basis.

Key Progression Documentation

Below are copies of the FHT Key Progression Documents that we have implemented throughout school. These have been used to map out our curriculum to ensure knowledge is taught in a sequential manner to allow children to revisit certain knowledge over their journey throughout Peafield Lane. This has an ultimate aim of the children knowing more and ultimately remembering more!

You will notice that each progression document starts with Nursery and ends with Year 7. We have worked alongside the local secondary schools to try and align our curriculums key knowledge as closely as possible.