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School Uniform Shop

Link to The Schoolwear Centre, Mansfield

Link to Pinders Schoolwear

We believe it is important to have a school uniform that ensures our children look smart, allows them to be proudly identified as a part of our school and is also accessible to all families, regardless of income.  

Almost all parts of our school uniform can be purchased cheaply from the local supermarkets with the exception of jumpers, cardigans and ties. These items can be bought directly from either of our two suppliers by clicking on one of the links at the top of this page.  The links will also provide contact details and opening times for the Schoolwear Centre in Mansfield if you would like to try on garments.  

Book bags and clip-on ties can also be purchased via the school office.

Our Uniform

It is important that your child comes to school in the correct uniform and you should choose from the list as appropriate:

  • White shirt or blouse which must be worn with a school tie
  • Dark green, v-neck pullover or cardigan with school badge
  • Grey skirt/pinafore or green and white gingham dress
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey or white socks
  • Black shoes
  • Book Bag

Uniform is optional for nursery children.

PE Kit

Parents should ensure their child has the proper games and P.E. kit. This is:

  • White “T” Shirt
  • Black P.E. shorts or black leotard
  • Trainers for outdoor games
  • Sweatshirt
  • Joggers or leggings for outdoor PE if it’s cold.

Please note all uniform and P.E. kit should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. It is a good idea to regularly check the name has not washed out of your uniform as our lost property box gets increasingly full of unreadable or unnamed uniforms every term.

Please ensure that your child wears their school uniform at all times.

All clothing should have your child’s name inside. In the summer months we encourage children to wear sunhats.


We would like to make parents aware of the dangers of wearing jewellery in school. The jewellery may become lost or damaged, but more importantly, it may become tangled in equipment or clothing and cause personal injury for which the school can take no responsibility. We would, therefore, be grateful if parents would ensure that children do not wear jewellery to school. Earrings are permitted but we ask that these are plain and studded. Hooped earrings are not to be worn for health and safety reasons. If you children is required to wear jewellery for a medical or religious reason then this needs to be communicated, in writing, to the headteacher. 

PE Bags

This must be clearly labelled with your child’s name on the outside and should contain suitable clothing for physical activities, such as shorts, T-shirts, leotards and plimsolls. All of these items need to be marked with your child’s name. PE bags are available from the school shop or you can purchase any design or colour from a sports shop. PE bags should be brought to school on a Monday morning to be left here until Friday, when the kit should be taken home for washing.