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Sports Funding

What is Sports Premium Funding?

In April 2013, the Department of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport announced new funding of £150 million to support the delivery of PE and school sport.

Funding is being allocated to all schools with primary aged children.  This will help schools to improve the quality of Sport and PE provision for all their children.

This great opportunity will allow schools to spend the sports funding on improving their provision of PE and sport as well as having the freedom to choose how they do this. 

Click here to find out more about the Sports Premium Funding. 

How will we be spending the PE & Sports Funding and who will benefit?

At Peafield Lane Academy, we believe all children should benefit from the funding regardless of sporting ability; that children should be given the opportunity to compete in advanced tournaments and that staff should have access to training opportunities and continued professional development.

Some of the funding will be used to purchase new equipment, some to bring coaches into school to introduce new sports and some funding will be used to improve confidence amongst staff in the delivery of high quality PE lessons across the school. We feel that this is the most effective and efficient way for the funding to have a long lasting and positive effect on future learning and physical development of children within our school.

We aim to ensure these improvements are sustainable over the coming years by:

  • Training our staff to enable them to develop their practice and deliver high quality PE curriculum
  • Using outside providers to work alongside our staff to develop confidence in a broader range of sports activities for them to deliver independently
  • Introducing our pupils and staff to a wide range of activities and competitions in other settings to enable us to replicate these in our own school
  • The equipment we have purchased will be usable in future years and be replenished in smaller amounts in future
  • For us to ensure we seek any available funding to enable our pupils to receive the most up-to-date initiatives